Meet Our Winners

The stories of our winners are the stories of EXL. They are out to win. Meet some of our winners who believe that winning is not a milestone, but an ongoing journey of finding a better way.

Jobs and Career Opportunities at EXL

Sonia Malik Joshi

- Tax | India

Whenever I talk to my friends and tell them about the kind of projects I am working on, I realize that some of them have not even heard about such kind of work. That's remarkable. We are always striving for excellence.

Out to Win

Achal Pratap Singh

- Operations Management | India

What defines our culture is the openness, the transparency, and the happiness around it ...the humility to continue to learn; not the attitude of 'I-know-it-all'

Out to Win

Mailinie Jauhar

- Analytics | India

All the training and learning (at EXL) has not just been limited to work. I have been able to use this in my personal life at my home as well. ...A winner is a winner, whether at home or at the office.

Meet Our Winners

Chris Yupangco

- Manager | Cebu

Never let passion run out of fashion, collaboration and competition helps bring out the best in you, I can grow and win at EXL

Meet Our Winners

Gospel Biatel

- Assistant Vice President | Cebu

EXL is a family and there are great leaders to learn from, since there is transparency it makes it a great place to work

Meet Our Winners

Maja Leoncio

- Assistant Manager

Winning is not easy there are lot of challenges but you must simply focus on your goals , continuously do your part and aim for the best

Career Opportunities at EXL

Marc Sonalan

- Senior Assistant Vice President | Manila

3 critical things I look to teach – commitment, passion and desire to be better

Career Opportunities at EXL

Jamila Diggs

- Sr. AVP & Associate General Counsel | Jersey City

Understanding the business and anticipating their needs and working in an collaborative manner leads to the best results. (I have) got opportunities to travel to new countries.

Career Opportunities at EXL

Lyubka Dimitrova

- Sr. AVP | Sofia


I am constantly trying to change things, to find a better way, to find more efficient way.

Don Empson

- Sr. AVP, Global Technologies | Jersey City

Better work life balance at EXL which has made me feel healthier

Lakshmi Mahesh

- Human Resource Partner | Jersey City

When you see happy faces around you, (it) means you are successful. Change is inevitable. You change yourself, adapt and convert the change into opportunity, is what EXL believes in.

Chaitanya Manda

- Project Manager | Jersey City


At EXL, your team and your network is lot bigger than yourself

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