Meet Our Winners

The stories of our winners are the stories of EXL. They are out to win. Meet some of our winners who believe that winning is not a milestone, but an ongoing journey of finding a better way.

Out to Win

Mailinie Jauhar

Assistant Vice President
- Analytics | India

All the training and learning (at EXL) has not just been limited to work. I have been able to use this in my personal life at my home as well. ...A winner is a winner, whether at home or at the office.

Out to Win

Chris Yupangco

- Insurance | Cebu

Never let passion run out of fashion, collaboration and competition helps bring out the best in you, I can grow and win at EXL

Meet Our Leaders

The leaders at EXL partner with clients to find and implement a better way for them. Meet some of our passionate leaders at EXL and watch their videos to understand why they love working here.

Eleanor Roque (Lola)

Eleanor Roque (Lola)

Senior Manager
- Operations Management | Philippines

A sense of fulfillment comes ...specially, when we are able to resolve burning issues that they had in the past.

Out to Win

Roberto Cristadoro

- Migration | Sofia

Never stop learning and always share your knowledge with others

Sandeep Bradoo

Sandeep Bradoo

Vice President, Global Head of Delivery
- Banking Vertical | India

We have one of the best stories with respect to running operations ...We are very inclusive in terms of diversity...

EXL Transformers

As an organization we cherish 'Diversity of thought'. We believe it is the 'Diversity of Thought' that enables us to define the right context, orchestrate new technologies and human abilities and deliver breakthrough results to our clients. We call it digital intelligence.

Imbibing and performing this thought, presenting 'Diverse and Digital' a new initiative that will feature a series of video stories from a diverse set of people at a EXL.

Meet Ashu. He believes the support from the management at EXL and from his teams has helped him to develop and grow as a professional. What drives him? New challenges every day for more than 17 years now.

Out to Win

Ashu Kalra , Vice President

Corporate Real Estate and Facilities for UK and US

Smart Conversations with Nalin Miglani

Out to Win

A chat show that provides entertaining breakdown of important digital and tech concepts, unraveled by digital and tech geeks at EXL in conversation with Nalin Miglani.

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Notice Regarding Fradulent Job Offers AND Recruitment

EXL has become aware of individuals who have been sending out fake employment offers and posting fraudulent job and recruitment advertisements in an attempt to defraud candidates. Click Here to Know More

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