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EXL Winner Motivational Video

Nalin Miglani

EXL Winner Motivational Video

Angeline Arboleda Angie | Final

EXL Winner Motivational Video

Mailinie Jauhar | Final

EXL Winner Motivational Video

Roberto Cristadoro

EXL Analytics | Turning data into actionable insights

EXL Winner Motivational Video

Zurich transforms its global finance and accounting operations Play

EXL Winner Motivational Video

Opportunities at EXL

EXL Property & Casualty Insurance | Meeting the challenges of a changing industry

EXL Life & Annuity Insurance | Expanding and deepening customer relationships

EXL Healthcare | Ahead of a changing healthcare landscape

EXL Finance & Accounting - Transformation for the Digital CFO

Srinivas Mudam | Volunteering story | Find A Better Way

Digital Intelligence | Rohit Kapoor

Human X Technology = Digital Intelligence

Muskan | Volunteering Story | Find A Better Way

Diversity at EXL | Lalita Story

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives | EXL

EXL Digital Fair | Showcase of our expertise in Analytics

Performance by School Children - Om Foundation | EXL CSR

Women In Analytics - EXL Service

Neha Upadhyay | A Better Way | EXL CSR Stories

Vikram | A Better Way | EXL Stories

Radha | A Better Way | EXL Stories

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